How do I add additional plans?

Have multiple dogs? Want raw and dry food? Like multiple flavours? 


You can have as many plans as you like that recur on different delivery frequencies. They can also have multiple delivery addresses (work, parents house, holiday home, dog sitter etc). 


To add additional subscription/s:

  • Please make sure you are registered. If you haven’t done so already, you can register using this link (please use the same email you used on your subscription)
  • Login to your account under the “Account” location at the upper-right portion of the page. 
  • Select “Manage Subscription”
  • Select “Add a Product” on the upper-right portion of the page. 
  • Select the quantity and the product you wish to add on your next order. For add-to-box items, you will also have the option to add the product as a recurring, or one-time order. You can also select your preferred shipping address and the date when you want the item to be charged
  • Finalize your selection by clicking “Add Product”

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