Am I locked in to a plan for a period of time when I sign up?

You have complete flexibility and control over your Petzyo Plan at anytime - there are no lock-in periods with any of our plans. You can cancel, change the delivery date, delivery frequency, swap product, edit quantity, etc at any stage to suit you are your pups needs. 

If you are on a Petzyo Plan, we will continue to charge your bank card and deliver your dog's goodies at your desired frequency until you modify pause or cancel your subscription. 

First time trying out Petzyo? We've recently added a one-off option so that you and your doggo can decide first before selecting a plan! All you have to do is select your preferred flavour through this link, fill out your doggo's details (Name, Weight, Activity Level), select your preferred order size, and once everything is set, hit "Get Started On Petzyo". 

You will be presented with either BUY ONCE or Plan options. If you select a buy once you can easily swap between these options once you are a Petzyo customer by following this simple video.

watch a 10 sec video on this here 👈

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