Can I get a sample of your kibble to try before committing to a plan?

You bet you can!

We get it, some dogs are fussy eaters and some have super sensitive tummies. Much like us hoomans!

We have a range of flavours for your doggo to sample so you can be sure they love it BEFORE you stock up!

We can send you a sample (~100 grams) of our Kibble That Counts range to try. 3 amazing flavours to choose from! There's something for even the fussiest eaters!

All we ask is that you cover the teeny tiny, delivery fee. The sample itself is on the house. Shipping is $2 per flavour.

Alternatively, we do have a 100% taste satisfaction guarantee on our Petzyo meal plans. We will give you a full refund on your first box of either raw and dry if your doggo isn't a fan of Petzyo (Applicable only to first 8kg dry kibble order OR 5.4kg raw order). For further details, check out our returns policy.

But the good news doesn't stop there! Recently we introducted trial products to our range. What does TRIAL mean? You don't need to settle for 100 grams and you don't have to commit to one of our Petzyo plans (though they are fully flexible!) Now, you can buy one-off!

We have something for everyone! Dogs and hoomans alike.

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